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Podcast: Ollie Matthews

By Mar 1, 2019 No Comments

And now we’re back with The Revitalized Man. Ollie Matthews has been killing it yearly and he slaughtered 2018. Last year, he took a musician course in Nashville and worked with Rick Barker, the first manager of Taylor Swift and slayed the year even more by being a keynote speaker in Mastermind events alongside his consistent goal of helping entrepreneurs get in shape despite their busiest schedules.

On today’s episode, Ollie shares the right mentality to have towards health and fitness. He tells us why having GOOD HEALTH is way better than being in GOOD SHAPE. And lastly, he reveals the ideal exercise for people who are uncomfortable, asking for help when it comes to fitness.

“The more simplicity I can add, the better it’s gonna work.” – Ollie Matthews

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The status of Ollie’s 2017 goal to slay 2018
  • Why changing your habits for the better can transform your life
  • The 80/20 rule: Life is about BALANCE
  • The nutritional food or snack you should eat during a HUSTLE week
  • Why hydration and fitness are keys for your brain to function effectively
  • How lack of nutrition and hydration can lead to ANXIETY
  • Why you should use fitness & health as a tool to feel better
  • What’s more attractive than getting a 6-pack abs
  • Psychological stress — how to manage it to get rid of that tummy fat
  • Ollie’s take on cannabis treating anxiety
  • How much our body can burn and why you should track it
  • Why men find it harder to ask for help when it comes to transformation
  • The ideal exercise for men to get fit when they are uncomfortable to ask for help
  • Why communication is very important and should not be overlooked
  • The Fit Five exercise
  • Goals & Passion: Why do & achieve them
  • Why it is okay to start slow as you build momentum
  • Our pieces of advice to establish your confidence

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