Hi, I’m Adil Amarsi

Entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, author, and Founder of AdilAmarsi.com

People read, listen, or watch my material to discover how to use my unique brand of Old School Direct Response Marketing coupled with my ability to make the complex stuff simple to increase their sales and revenues, lead flow, and turn their passions into a profitable business.

I don’t teach the same crap everyone else does.

I only share with you what works from the tests I run for my clients, and myself.

I even share any failures (though those are rare).

I only work with entrepreneurs and businesses…

Especially those that do over 6 figures a year and can afford my services. (Though there is an option above that you can get a 15-minute consultation from me).

I share my knowledge freely…

Through my different podcasts, articles, videos, and also on my free email subscription. (The paid version goes a little deeper but the free will definitely help you take over your world).

I know you have a lot of choices in who you read, follow, listen to, and watch. I know each post has to build your trust, and with every post and podcast I produce, I want to strengthen our bond together. If you’re curious, here’s a little about me.

From Billy Mays To Today

My story started when I was 5 years old. My dad was paralyzed from the waist down due to a herniated disc.

During those 2 years I spent 2 hours a day, 6 days a week watching Billy Mays and other great pitchmen on the home shopping channel – my dad loved it and I’d wait for him to move so I could watch cartoons.

Fast forward to me aged 12, my parents and I are told by my teachers that I have a brilliant mind but I can’t write quickly.

So I end up spending an hour after school writing stories for my dad. At 18 years old I decide to dabble in copywriting, at 19 I fully commit. And as a gift my dad tells me that the stories I had written for him as a teenager actually were used to sell products of his via direct mail.


From Advertising Novice to Copywriting Royalty

I first started this site as a way to review affiliate products and also sell my network marketing business (no judgement here).

After battling away brute force attacks, hackers, and self-doubt I finally decided it was time I let this blog be an extension of who I was.

It started to grow, and finally became what it is today. A no-holds-barred place for me to share my knowledge of 15+ years of Direct Response marketing, sales, and copywriting.

As well as a place for you to listen and watch my videos and podcasts.

What Sets Me Apart?

Besides the good looks 😉 ?

All joking aside, what truly sets me apart is I’ve got an unbelievable record in direct response, namely as the Go-To guy for high converting copy.

As of writing this in 2018, I’ve seen a confirmed sales report of my work bringing in at least $450+ million for my clients collectively from 2008.

My biggest skill is actually being able to take complex formulas and ideas and make them so simple that anyone can apply them and use them.

That and having a wealth of knowledge that I love to share, as my core drive in life is to help and influence as many people as possible to live their best lives.

Using my ability I’ve managed to not only live the life I want but also have been fortunate enough to help people, companies, celebrities in different industries and more go on to have massive success…