Landon is a 15+ year sales veteran, well-versed in the arts of hardcore sales and influence. One day, he woke up desperately needing a change – so he came up with powerful methods to sell that don’t leave you feeling like a slimy “sales douchecanoe.”

Landon Porter, the head gorilla at the Sales Gorilla, specializes in teaching people how to get clients and customers without being salesy. Eventually, a community of awesome gorillas talked him into making a course on client acquisition.

On today’s episode, Landon shares his strategies you can use to sell without being ‘salesy’ and get more marketing clients. He will unveil what you need to get your market showing up just by leveraging your authentic personality.

“Most people think they need permission to be themselves, here’s your permission: be your weird self.” – Landon Porter

Some topics discussed include:

  • Landon’s philosophy and attitude that led to success in his career
  • His journey from being a Chef to B2B Finance Management
  • How to sell QUALITY over QUANTITY
  • How to start finding your own voice
  • Own it and Show it – whether they like it or not
  • Developing better understanding of client acquisition
  • Key points in getting clients in your niche
  • The internet is a TV and everybody is their own channel
  • The ’50 Shades of Brown Show’ story
  • How to build credibility right away
  • Landon’s magic trick in closing a prospect
  • The Close is not just the Ending
  • What a good Sales PERSON should be doing
  • What a good Sales CONVERSATION should look like
  • “Buckle up, buttercup. It’s a ride!” – His attitude in building back his confidence
  • What can you control inside your world right now? – we can always start on this one question to know where you want to be in life and in business
  • 3  Nuggets for Entrepreneurs for breakthrough

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