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Caleb O’Dowd is one of the Top Direct Response Marketers and worked for 3 years shoulder to shoulder with the late Gary Halbert, a man widely considered one of the greatest direct response marketers and copywriters of his era.

Caleb started his own direct response business in the nutritional industry. He and his brother John started, where they help direct response companies grow their businesses in multiple channels, such as direct mail, magazines, newspapers, online, and more.

Cutting his teeth working with Gary Halbert for years, he worked on creating direct marketing campaigns across dozens of industries and across most of the main offline and online direct marketing channels.

Caleb’s brother, John, was working at the time for a Fortune 100 company in senior management, overseeing the development and launch of large world-wide projects.

On today’s episode, Caleb will talk about his experiences being trained and the valuable lessons learned working with Gary Halbert in the Marketing industry. He’ll discuss the strategies that are working right now online.

“It is cheaper to hire the very best person even though that person is far more expensive than everybody else but in the long run it’s cheaper. And as a result, in adopting that Philosophy, we ended up being in contact with a lot of very experienced and savvy people.” – Caleb O’Dowd

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Caleb met and got trained by Gary Halbert
  • The BIGGEST take-away he learned from Gary
  • The POWERFUL formula and strategy for creating an ad used by Gary
  • How he positioned himself as an ELITE copywriter despite having top copywriters in his Facebook group
  • Hiring the best person is cheaper
  • Caleb’s future online courses!
  • His SMART way of refreshing his mindset
  • The ONE thing that’ll guarantee to help you a step closer to your goals everyday
  • The philosophy of “Eating that Frog” aka getting the BIGGEST task done first
  • A book recommended by Caleb that would support you in every aspect of life and business
  • Tips on how to get more clients as a freelancer
  • Gary’s story told – perfect example of knowing the importance of KNOWING what your prospects wants and GIVING them what they want
  • 3 tips to achieve success as an Entrepreneur

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  • Faye says:

    Absolutely fantastic value 😎☀️I’m on Caleb O Dowd’s group & he offers heaps & tons of value. A true legend, very humble soul & a very very smart man who has a very smooth & intellectual way of teaching. I’m loving EVERY single day checking in to his group which includes some absolute pro’s. The value of Caleb’s group sky rockets beyond horizons, I would definitely recommend you join now! 😊☀️😎 and another excellent podcast stacked with intelligence & value from the rockstar Adil 😎☀️😊⭐️ As a New beginner to this marketing game, one of my target goals Adil is to be able to become one of your clients 😎☀️Thank you for all this incredible sharing that is helping me grow in such profound ways 🙏⭐️☀️

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