Why The “Cool” Marketing Persona Doesn’t Work For Everyone

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This one is going to be pretty short guys.

There’s been a bit of a virus that’s been running around rampantly online lately and it’s this idea that you have to fake being cool in order to get anywhere online.

Using buzz words like; “Ninja, Gangsta, Guru, Diva, etc”  are supposed to make you cool to your marketplace. I have a fun little newsflash for people who do this… It hurts conversions, the marketplace, and your identity.

The reason this pisses me off more than most things, is because these idiots use it for marketing and it’s not authentic.

Look, if you TRULY use words like that in your day to day affairs then cool, you’re authentic to who you are but to the 30-something online marketer who’s only started out or seeing some success, let me ask you this…

What is the probability you’ll likely greet a fellow business person, and say “That was totally ninja” without them giving you the, “Did you seriously say that?” look?

Chances are you wouldn’t, so why do you do it online?

Okay I’m going off on people here a little but there is a reason why…

Over the last few years, guys who I’ve followed in business i.e. Frank Kern and the band, usually use their personalities and kind of sold it to everyone that this is the only way you make money.

Truth is, it will more likely cost you money if you don’t follow something Frank himself said in Mass Control.

If you’re a boring accountant, be the boring accountant. If you’re the rockstar who actually plays shows, be them – be authentic as people will see through your bullshit.

– Granted  I ad-libbed a small part of that.

Why doesn’t the “Cool” Marketing persona work for everyone?

Before I jump into that, lets breakdown what the “Cool” Marketing Guy Persona actually is.

Apart from the lingo above, it’s actually this portrayal that your life is easy, you wake up at 2pm everyday then you laze about doing what you want all day. If you need money you send an email to your mailing list who love you and ta-da, instacash (totally should turn that into a product name).

Anyway, that’s basically the dream and idea sold to the market today. They had to change it, you see, after Rich Schefren started talking about how the “Laptop Lifestyle of living on a beach everyday” was actually all a lie. I mean you could do it as I know people who have, but the original dream was that once you succeeded everything would fall into place like magic.

Sorry kids, the sandman isn’t here to give you that or the new dream.

It’s one of the reasons why the “Cool” Marketing Guy Persona doesn’t work.

The biggest reason is actually below…

People see through your bullshit much quicker than you’d like to believe.

By this I mean they intuitively figure out that you’re not living to your true self and that you’re actually lying to them. By doing this you don’t get to experience people liking you for who you really are.

This is actually a really sad thing because you can manipulate the perception of who you are to people so they know, like, and trust you. But in reality, when they see the loss of consistency between what you say and who you really are – you will quickly burn and fizzle out. I’ve seen it happen with so many amazing marketers, business people, and just people in general.

How do you find your persona?

Just be yourself – the most copout answer ever but it’s true.

When you’re the you online that you are in real life, shit gets easier.

From people who have met me online and then in person, I can proudly say that they’ve always said – “Dude you are the exact same online as in person… Well with a better goatee” – seriously my goatee game is ridiculous :p.

But there isn’t a barrier between online and offline. Which makes life easier for me. This is the same for you!

So what if you’re the boring, weird, crazy, intelligent, cool, blah blah person in the world – when you embrace it with confidence, guess what? You become more loveable and attract the type of people who you can help, and who can help you. Plus a ton more money from it being easy.

Be awesome, and yourself.



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