Yigal is a well-renowned mentor and public speaker in the Leadership space. Founder of Legion of Leaders; He is a highly regarded business coach and a prominent public speaker.

Today, Yigal will discuss how you will become a better leader and get massive CLARITY, incredible COURAGE, and a COMMITMENT to accomplishing your goals.

“Leading with baggage is a misleading.” – Yigal Adato

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The story how Yigal started his Pawnshop business
  • How his family background and experiences influenced him to become a great leader
  • What the definition of a great Leader is
  • How to show up as a Leader
  • Yigal’s advice to his Kids in the future
  • Why checking your ego is important in your business and personal life
  • The importance of honesty to be successful and be happy
  • How putting Family first can help you succeed
  • Be humble in victory and in defeat
  • How pleasing everybody will not get you success
  • When to say NO and YES to something
  • How asking for help can make you lead
  • The 3 things to get pass through the struggle in your business
  • And so much More…

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