We’re back at it with the ToeCracker himself, Trevor Crook. After two years, he’s back to share the constantly exciting things he is up to. A world class, in demand – direct response copywriter, mentor, author and international speaker, Trevor has a new project which is focused on helping out copy protégés or writers who have a promising prospect as a writer, and yet are struggling to hasten their skills and close more deals.

This man is still selling products and doing what he’s very expert at – copywriting. On top of that, he has been living the International Lifestyle – travelling the world and making money at the same time.

On today’s episode, Trevor shares what’s common among struggling copywriters and how to frame the right mindset. He then drops some knowledge bombs on writing a good copy and closing deals. On the side, he updates us about his plans for the year and where his International Lifestyle is pinned next.

“You need to get the right frame of mind, especially subconsciously, that you are successful. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a waste of time.” – Trevor Crook

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Most common problems of copywriter proteges
  • His tips to the copywriters he mentors when it comes to doing proposals
  • Why you should write things by hand
  • How Trevor finds the iPad Pro
  • What Trevor is up to for 2019
  • His book recommendations
  • Why you should read books more
  • The masters of copywriting to look up to
  • 3 tips for intermediate copywriters in writing a good copy and closing deals
  • The concept of looking at hooks and digging big ideas

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