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Tiffany is a master storyteller and successful businesswoman. But this was not always the case. 17 years ago, Tiffany hated her life and everything around it. She was ashamed of herself and barely had enough to feed her kids. 

This all changed when she decided to stop thinking small and embrace her story.

Fast forward 17 years later, Tiffany now owns a 7-figure business and has inspired millions of people to own all parts of their story as well: the good, the bad, and the ugly. She conducts multiple trainings on business and self-development and started a podcast called Do the Damn Thing.

Get to know the beauty of owning your story and embracing all the ugly bits of it today as Tiffany passionately talks about raw and unfiltered storytelling. Through honest and vulnerable communication, Tiffany will explain what it is like to create genuine human connections and be proud of yourself in the process. 

“Me and my willingness to own my story, stop apologizing for it, stop living in shame, and stop hiding from it allowed me to change just about everything in my life.” – Tiffany Largie

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Tiffany got into storytelling
  • Why you need to stop thinking small and own your story
  • Growing from a six figure business to a seven figure business
  • What motivates Tiffany to move forward 
  • Why you need to value yourself
  • How to build the courage to tell your story
  • Why connection is currency
  • The beauty of owning and embracing your own truth
  • How to find the real truth behind your story
  • Helping other people through sharing your story
  • The 3 things Tiffany does to avoid spiraling back down
  • Are you doing the damn thing?

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