Suzi Gray is an amazing storyteller and an ex-lawyer. After she lost 4 of her family members in a plane crash, she made a decision to never live by someone else’s rules again and started her own business. 


Suzi started her brand Pepper Jar to help business owners spice their words. She eventually rebranded to Captivation House for seasoned service providers who want to grow their presence online. 


In today’s episode, get to know how Suzi got into stories and how she learned about writing for other people and eventually writing for herself. 

“Asking the right questions, being very curious, I think is a great skill to have as a writer” — Suzi Gray

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Suzi got into stories
  • Suzi’s transition from writing for others to writing for herself
  • Suzi’s process of getting into someone’s head
  • How to find your personal voice and brand
  • Exercises you can do to find yourself
  • What Suzi does differently when consulting her clients
  • Suzi’s relationship with storytelling formulas
  • Suzi’s take on calls to action
  • What Suzi does when life knocks her down
  • Suzi’s book recommendations

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