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Podcast: Stephen Somers

By Oct 19, 2017 December 2nd, 2017 No Comments

Over the last few years,  Stephen has developed multiple businesses in many different industries. From eCommerce to Online Membership programmes, he has ammased a  significant amount of experience in How to QUICKLY validate and launch a profitable enterprise” and while everyone is playing small and launching in their respective country, Stephen is doing this worldwide.

Co-Founder at Marketplace SuperHeroes and his company SJS Trading trades in 6 continents and have distribution capabilities in over 7 countries worldwide.

Today, Stephen Somers will share his insights and valuable experience in Amazon Businesses and the things he learned through reading books which him develop himself.

“You can get whatever you want, but the key is to go out there and learn a skill that makes money and be good at that.” Stephen Somers

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How to build a Global Amazon businesses
  • The background experiences and what led to partnering with Robert Journey
  • Stephens Biggest Influence and Interests
  • Sales today is still The sales your gandpappy did
  • How Marketplace Superheroes works
  • Ideas on increasing the capital
  • The difference between spending versus Investing Online
  • Learning how to think like an Investor is a challenge
  • “People want to sell their dreams for 100 grand in 90 days”
  • The Process takes time
  • Personal development books recommendation
  • Think and Grow Rich” content and principles
  • Stephen’s football story – choices of A or B
  • Advices for struggling Entrepreneurs
  • And so much More…

References & links mentioned:

Contact Stephen:

Marketplace SuperHeroes
The Heroic Empire Group in Facebook

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