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Sophie Chiche used to be a drug addict. And when she stopped, she found refuge in food and gained over 350 lbs. Eventually, she made the move to turn her life around and focus on becoming a better, stronger person. You would never have guessed that the current-day Sophie had such a challenging past. 


She became obsessed with self-love and self-development and she has made it a mission of hers to transform the lives of others. Just as she transformed her own. This is why she started BeCurrent as a tool to help others manage themselves.


In today’s episode, we explore what it means to have a limitless life and how to start your journey to self-love. Get to learn about breaking negative habits and letting go of any addictions. 


“Who are you and where is your limitless space?” — Sophie Chiche

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • What changed Shopie’s life?
  • How to stop an addiction
  • How to identify if you are living a limitless life
  • Why it’s important to expand the universe within us
  • How Sophie dealt with trauma
  • What kept Sophie going on her journey to self-development
  • How Sophie was able to get rid of sugar in her diet
  • How Sophie rebuilt her self esteem


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