Shane Hunter is the consummate Entrepreneur, for the past 10 or so. From SEO, to PPC, to copywriting, conversions, and coding, he has done it all.

A marketing strategist that teaches folks how to define their brand, advertise, market, write copy, build an email list & online following, and how to convert that list & following into a recurring 5-6 figure income each month.

Shane is also a renowned Facebook advertising expert, the ‘evil genius’ behind many online ‘gurus’ and he is The Abrasive Entrepreneur.

On today’s episode, Shane will talk us through how he came up with his brand and how he trains his students and Entrepreneurs.

“We have a power within us, every one of us has something that we know or do that we can show to other people. We should be confident in that because nobody can do it the way that you can do it.” – Shane Hunter

Bullets From Shane haha (Totally taking over your post, Adil!):

  • Discover the secret subconscious reason I named my book “The Final Fight”
  • Fight, Flight, and The Move To Becoming A Less Reactionary Human & Entrepreneur
  • The upcoming fight vs flight revolution that’s causing worldwide division
  • Planning out your business and life, vs. the “regular human” thing of just reacting to life as it comes at you
  • The difference between knowing, wanting, and doing.
  • The History & Origin-Story Of A Mystical, Influential Eskimo Known As The Abrasive Entrepreneur.
  • How Pro-Wrestling Has Made Me CRAAAAAAZZZZZZZYYY money
  • How I signed the BIGGEST GURU in the IM space, Frank Kern as my very first high-ticket internet marketing client
  • Direct Response Secrets to meeting and working with ANYONE you want (you cannot be a deadbeat prole though)
  • Taking command of a situation, and your fate vs. waiting on other people to “get things done” for you. HINT: Nobody gives more of a fuck about you than you.
  • What IS “Abrasive” and why does it make SO MANY MORE SALES than any other zeitgiest, dogma, or training in the world
  • Allowing yourself to feel great
  • Harnessing the inner strength of perceived weakness
  • Why a core confidence, built on a solid foundation is absolutely 100% the keystone to your entire business structure.
  • Why gurus have killed the internet marketing industry – and how Abrasive Entrepreneurs are taking the power back.
  • How to build your brand on truth instead of little white, fake-it-till-you-make-it gooroostench-ridden lies
  • What to brag about, and what to diminish when talking about yourself for true authority, credibility, and authority
  • How ending up in a 9-5 job may be your best possible outcome (it beats federal prison, doesn’t it?)
  • Taking insults and making them testimonials
  • How “Abrasive” is the only way to crush cold traffic sales in today’s worn out, over-advertised-to marketplace
  • How Two Black Sheep raised above the popular herd, to a place of market dominance & total supremacy
  • What Happened When The Abrasive Entrepreneur Met Ben Settle?
  • The difference between “clicks” on your ads for the sake of clicks, vs clicks that convert to… omfg… the caucacity #HiBen… clicks that convert to SALES.
  • Why I post shit on Facebook that I don’t even believe with
  • Adil disses the shit out of me when I try to claim the title of “King Shit & Emotional Exciter” on social media.
  • Joe Sugarman, international spy and advertising legends influence on The Abrasive One
  • Harnessing REAL confidence even when you start with NONE, or less than none…
  • Building your business on TRUTH and the power that gives you
  • Owning your shit for authority, vigor, and power
  • The People’s Champ vs. the current champ – the difference, and the inevitability of greatness
  • Eminem’s secret to two decades of rap dominance
  • Why, where and how was Abrasive Entrepreneurs Newsletter created? What is it for? Where does it come from?
  • Staring death in the face, and kicking ass anyway
  • What the movie “Walk The Line” taught me about product creation
  • Strength out of weakness
  • How owning where you’re at, while shrugging off fate, and working hard get you nowhere without this one simple trick
  • Bad days are okay, stop suppressing.
  • Emotional Outlets & dealing with the shit from your past
  • How all of the bad shit you hide from people may be keeping you broke as a joke, and having luck that’s just totally fucked
  • Why Adil Amarsi (and a growing army) are ready to fight, protect, and support The Abrasive Entrepreneur to the death
  • FREE SPEECH & Salami Swords of Negativity
  • Why a sense of humor is critical to your success
  • How to make a fortune
  • How to save the world
  • How to eliminate the feeling of “defensiveness” and outright aggressive behavior that surrounds us on a daily basis
  • What makes or breaks an entrepreur
  • Adil Amarsi’s poor attempt at a self-deprecating racist joke, and the awkward pause that made him sad
  • How pauses and awkward silence can set tones of confidence and domination.
  • Why I haven’t (and likely won’t) read Mark Mansons book “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck”
  • What books, movies, and courses The Abrasive Entrepreneur aggressively studies and why
  • How an odd library can make you stand out in a crowded marketplace
  • How NOT a copywriter can make more money with copywriting than any self-proclaimed copywriter (weird, I know)
  • Why you should be willing to, and ready to embrace losing
  • The Strangest Secret to why 100 year old self-help is still the best
  • Breakthrough investments to penetrate the boardroom and earn your place in the business world
  • Direct Response influences of The Abrasive Entrepreneur
  • Comedy writing and how it may help your copy
  • Where to go to learn how to sell to cold traffic & total strangers
  • Why today’s generation of copywriters are absolutely fooked
  • Why $11,999.00 is considered a “bad month” of income
  • Dying, getting better, and moving on when all the signs point to giving up
  • Why you’re about to see The Abrasive Entrepreneur brand absolutely take off, like another “overnight” success, two decades in the making…
  • Pretending you know how to sell, when you haven’t sold… Stop teaching what you don’t understand. Go use your skills until you internalize them.
  • Why I see nearly every major movie, and happily binge-watch Netflix as part of my “business time” of day.
  • The 3 Books / Movies (One, being fiction) The Abrasive Entrepreneur would use if he had to start over
  • Why The Abrasive Entrepreneur can accurately predict so many trends, patterns, and events with eerie consistency.
  • An Abrasive Call To Arms

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • What is ‘The Final Fight’ and WHY did Shane write this book
  • How did he get his first Marketing client
  • What does Abrasive Entrepreneur mean?
  • How to build a solid foundation of self so we don’t fall apart at the first sign of turmoil
  • How to harness the power of Facebook Ads
  • What does it take to show confidence and the truth as your strength
  • Building systems of success to make it easier day by day
  • His MISSION to his Entrepreneurs
  • How to respond to awkward situations
  • Successful Marketing experts he’s studying
  • Book recommendations about Life and Business
  • Creating a connection and identity of who we are in writing
  • Top 3 favorite books and movies

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