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Sarah Negus is our Modern Day Shaman, adding twist to the traditional Shaman practice by topping it with psychology and mindset work. Not your usual everyday mentor, she is a master of ENERGY who looks into the unseen, the hidden, and encourages you to believe the impossible is possible. In a nutshell, she is the the person to reach out to if you want to learn how to appreciate and accept all that you are and could be.

On today’s episode, Sarah takes us on a spiritual journey as a modern day Shaman with her mind-blowing theories on self-development and spiritual expression. Likewise, she reveals why you should untangle your energetic patterns and live life to the fullest. Lastly, she unfolds the ONE thing that can bring you into yourself.

“Each of us is UNIQUE. Each of us is a PIECE OF ART. ” – Sarah Negus

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Sarah’s journey to becoming the Modern Day Shaman
  • The distinction between a traditional VS modern Shaman
  • What the principle of Epigenetics is
  • How does it feel when you go over your OWN energy
  • Her take on self-development movement and spiritual expression
  • What to tell self-loathing people to get them to finally like and appreciate themselves
  • How to understand your own energy
  • What is the best way to find yourself: Book or Mentor?
  • How was the shift as she went through the spiritual journey
  • Why being a master in something shouldn’t stop you from learning
  • How did she survive her car accidents
  • Her advice to people who started their journey but still feel lost in it
  • The SHADOW aspect: repressed and depressed
  • Her advice to people who are experiencing a plateau in their journey
  • How Adil turned his mental illness positively
  • Her book and movie recommendations
  • The ONE thing that can bring you into yourself

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