Professional Speaker, Author, All-round awesome human being. Today’s guest is Sam Rathling and I am so excited about this episode, that I am breaking protocol and doing the recording on a non-recording day.

I saw her speak at expert empires in November 2019. I immediately connected with her prior to her going on stage and then afterwards, what ensued was a great conversation which led to me picking up her book and I can tell you that it is already starting to generate business even though I’ve not been through all of it.

From her early day as a recruitment consultant to where she is now as a well regarded international speaker. Sam has built her business leveraging content marketing on social media with her focus being mostly on LinkedIn. 

Today, you’ll discover Sam’s mindset when it comes to creating and posting content on social media in general, but more specifically on LinkedIn in particular.

“I think the first thing before you do anything on LinkedIn or any social media platform, you’ve got to really figure out Who your customer is, Who is it that you actually want to be targeting, and specifically within the LinkedIn environment.” – Sam Rathling

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Why Most People are wrong about social media
  • Where most go wrong in creating content for social media
  • The one thing you need to do before posting any content
  • Why it is important to mix things up when it comes to your content
  • How to structure your post to encourage engagement 
  • One trick to boost engagement on LinkedIn
  • The importance of sharing your story and different Angles you can use to accomplish that

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