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Being a self-proclaimed nerd who has a love for science, psychology, and philosophy, Ryan thought his dating life was doomed forever.

After having just one unsuccessful relationship back in college, he decided that something needed to be done. Ryan went through much trial-and-error in the dating scene before discovering that the trick was just to be your honest, authentic self.

Once Ryan understood the power of inner confidence and got results, he became a dating coach and has helped tons of men who have also considered themselves as unattractive nerds like Ryan was back in the day.

In this episode, Ryan talks about the difference between valuing internal and external validation and how detrimental the latter could be. Although parts of this dialogue are about how to be more confident in the dating scene, it is full of great advice that can be applied in business as well.

“What other people think of you has nothing to do with you. It is 100% to do with them.” — Ryan Black

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Ryan’s life as an awkward adolescent
  • Ryan’s transition from self-consciousness to self-confidence
  • The downfalls of external validation
  • How your ego can be a hindrance
  • The pickup community culture
  • How to address the lack of internal confidence
  • Why you need to stop thinking about what other people think
  • Ryan’s book recommendations

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