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If you are a female entrepreneur aspiring to start a successful service-based business, Ruth Kudzi is the woman to reach out to. Way back in 1998, she took a masters in Psychology and became passionately curious about business — how psychology impacts people and their performance in business and how what you think can affect cognition and decision-making.

With a solid experience and background, she went for the career she knew she would get the most of coaching. It didn’t make sense at first for her but she believed there was a purpose in the end. She completed numerous qualifications and strengthened her coaching experience over the years. On top of that, she’s unstoppable when it comes to challenging her clients and being a catalyst for their growth.

On today’s episode, Ruth explains the connection between business and psychology. She walks us through her coaching career and how it became her consistent passion. And lastly, she gives away the top pain points of female entrepreneurs as she exclusively caters them.

“Always believe that you can be better. If something doesn’t work out, look at a different way of doing it. Get help. ” – Ruth Kudzi

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Ruth’s uplifting journey to COACHING
  • How she faced & survived the challenge of parenting and entrepreneurship
  • The cost she pays a tech to upload her video content
  • The recommended tech equipment and iPhone apps for video editing & blogging
  • How to know what to produce in your video content
  • Why short copy doesn’t always work better than long copy
  • What separates men and women in the aspects of life and business
  • The top trigger points for women when it comes to business
  • How Ruth earns the trust of her clients then and now
  • The idea of Pop Culture as a tool in marketing
  • How to change people’s perceptions
  • Her book recommendations
  • How Ruth stood up when she hit the rock bottom in her career
  • Her 3 pieces of advice to people stuck in their business, doing relatively well but plateauing, and settling in their current success and not aiming more
  • Her book recommendation to Adil

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