Roy Furr has been in the copywriting industry for over 14 years now and has created many successful campaigns in multiple industries. 


He started the course Breakthrough Marketing Secrets to help direct response marketers get better at marketing, selling, and business-building. He also created a mini-course of BTMS to help people launch their client business.


In today’s episode with Roy, we discuss how he is able to get clients for himself and how you can too. He goes through his process of keeping retainer clients and how copywriters can survive the inevitable struggles in their careers. 


“Don’t underestimate the value of having a human to human conversation” — Roy Furr


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Adil Amarsi is a world-class copywriter, marketing consultant, and conversion genius. Having spent the majority of his life in direct response advertising, Adil brings a unique look at business by using his blog as an extension to who he is in real life. Oh and he loves pizza :).

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