Rocky is a successful entrepreneur, coach, and the founder of Power Persona Project. For over 22 years, he has helped clients bring over 100 million dollars in trainings, programs, curriculum, and information products to the market. He’s also consulted over 3000 projects from clients ranging from billion-dollar brands to experts, authors, and entrepreneurs. 


Rocky is currently managing his free Facebook group, Power Persona Project, to help people find their potential and become impact makers of the future.


In today’s episode, Rocky talks about his career and how he was able to find his potential through creating systems and models for himself and his business. 


“I think the body language and the energy level is definitely a big clue to where you should be going” — Rocky Buckley


Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Rocky started Power Persona Project
  • Rocky’s obsession
  • How to unleash your potential?
  • The importance of video recording your progress
  • How Rocky made progress in his life
  • What Rocky is most disciplined at
  • How Rocky reinvented his business model
  • What does Rocky do when life knocks him down


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