From someone who started off as a simple farmboy to now empowering over 100 million individuals to achieve success and wealth, Rock Thomas has a unique gift of changing people’s lives for the better. He proves to us that it is through our own hardships and struggles that we can grow to become stronger individuals through the power of setting the right mindset. 

Not only does Rock provide excellent coaching programs like the 90-Day Challenge and M1 Mastermind, but he is also the host of the top-rated #IAmMovement Podcast and a bestselling author as well. 

With the number of lives that he has touched, it’s no wonder that Rock is the well-known self-made millionaire that he is today.

In today’s empowering episode, Rock is going to teach us valuable tips to help us create the right habits to set you up for success. Get to know how you can take control of your own life by consciously mastering certain techniques that Rock imparts to his own clients.

“What you do before work and after work is what sets the average person and the successful person vastly apart.” — Rock Thomas

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Who is Rock and what does he do exactly?
  • His journey from being a farm boy to a successful salesman
  • What creates a strong work ethic?
  • Habits that you need to find happiness, joy, and wealth
  • Rock’s #IAmMovement Podcast
  • How to build and start the right habits
  • How Rock changed his mind to turn his life around
  • Rock’s career shift from real estate to coaching
  • The process that people should go through to change their identity
  • Rock’s book and movie recommendations
  • Advice on how to get back on your feet

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