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Rob and Kennedy are both entertainers and have been friends for 17 years now. Rob started out as a magician. He loves magic and took it seriously and somewhere along the line, he found a new skill — hypnosis. On the other hand, Kennedy is an entertainer but more focused on mentalism. With a magical skill set, they both wanted to utilize these skills and wanted to do something interesting and impactful to people, more specifically, entrepreneurs.

Thus ResponseSuite was born.

On today’s episode, Rob & Kennedy shares how their BIGGEST transition from being entertainers to entrepreneurs came about.

They teach us how building SURVEYS right into every single campaign can lead to a massive business growth. And lastly, they share how writing great stories can highly influence and engage your clients.

“The most successful marketers on earth are entertaining first.” – Rob Temple

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Rob and Kennedy came up with ResponseSuite
  • Their biggest transition from being entertainers to entrepreneurs
  • What it takes to be entertaining and engaging
  • How Rob and Kennedy use their skills in people and business
  • How writing a great story can influence or engage people
  • Rob & Kennedy’s secret sauce to generate leads & build up an email campaign
  • How to keep your business ALIVE
  • Their book recommendations
  • Their parting advice to entrepreneurs
  • Why you should go check ResponseSuite now

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