The bold and genius of sales funnels. A funnel builder, a business owner, an entrepreneur, a good friend and a bassist, the legendary Rob Sayles.

Rob has been in the digital space since 1996. He was doing a music degree, doing video production, soundtrack to video filmmaking, all sorts of media production stuff. And there was a tiny little module that was introduced months before he was about to finish his degree, called the Internet. Out of curiosity, he dived into it and literally fell over backwards, but that’s what sparked something in him — this idea that you could communicate ideas and creativity and art with other people all over the world. And now, this suckerpunch has sparked his entire career.

Today, Rob helps businesses raise awareness and increase revenue – no cookie-cutter crap, no wasted investment; only what works to help people’s unique business grow.

On today’s episode, Rob unravels the art of FUNNEL BUILDING as he shares what a GOOD funnel really is and how it will surely influence and skyrocket your sales. Learn about the prevalent risk in digital marketing nowadays, the value of understanding your audience first, and more marketing hacks.


“If you haven’t worked out your audience, then how do you know how to communicate with them?” – Rob Sayles

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • The power of social media for building relationships
  • How Rob got into FUNNEL BUILDING
  • Why learning the art of funnels can totally save digital marketing
  • The value of REALLY knowing and understanding who your audience is
  • The list of marketing phrases Adil and Rob can’t stand
  • The MASSIVE risk with digital marketing nowadays
  • Why user journey, brand experience, and copywriting are timeless
  • How email writing has evolved from traditional to modern ways
  • Rob’s definition of a GOOD FUNNEL
  • How to know if you’re running your ad campaign effectively
  • The most basic funnel system someone could start using in order to actually create offers
  • Rob’s tip to people who failed in starting their own business and wants to win over it

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