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Podcast: How To Be The Boss With Paul Kirch

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In this episode of Adil Amarsi Unplugged, I speak with Paul Kirch. Paul has been running his own sales marketing businesses since 2009. He is the founder of Boss Academy, a 2 years in the making radio show focused 100% on providing tools, tips and techniques from industry leading experts.


Here are just some of the topics Paul and I dived into:

Paul’s entrepreneurial journey and what inspired him to start Boss Academy

Small Business Ideas that turns out to a big company that justifies why should you not stop reaching your business goals

The difference that wealthy people brings to the world and why that should alleviate your motivation to become wealthy

What do you need to focus on when things get tough and how would you recover

The WHY-WHAT-HOW-WHEN strategy that makes you move forward and take action

The greatest entrepreneurial methaphor that will drive you to reach your ambitions in life

– And much more
Resources mentioned:

My Guide On Copy Writing

Get Your Free Money Making Website Now

Learn More About Paul In His Awesome Website


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