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Olga is the head of Global Marketing at SEMrush. Together with her team, she has built one of the strongest international communities in the online marketing industry. Olga has expanded SEMrush brand visibility worldwide entering the market of over 50 countries. Olga is also a judge of content and social media awards in the USA, UK and Europe. 

In 2018 Olga was mentioned among the 25 most influential women in digital marketing by TopRank. She speaks at major marketing conferences and her quotes in user behaviour appear in media such as Business Insider and Washington Post.

Today, you’ll discover Olga’s strategy of getting yourself known, how keywords are tied to posts, we also discussed how a relaxed company culture can be built amongst many other topics.

“I really don’t think you are able to build influential authority without social media now  because people want to see your face” – Olga Andrienko

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How to get yourself known
  • How to tie in keywords into long posts
  • Other ways to find semantic keywords
  • How to build a company culture that is so relaxed
  • Finding your clients avatar
  • Can people go from not known to really well known using SEO strategy?
  • How youtube, apple SEO’s hold extra weight in SERPs

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