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Nik Krohn, the co-founder of Tolman Media, used to be a wedding photographer and videographer for weddings before scaling the business. They soon decided to start licensing their photography business, which eventually led them to generating over $4M in just 6 months!

They also started a Youtube channel called The Hobo Entrepreneurs where they do interviews in a limousine. The channel has garnered over 350,000 subscribers. 

Today, we talk with Nik about multiple aspects of a business ranging from his licensing business model to what makes an image great for advertisements. Learn how Nik was able to fearlessly grow his business in such a short amount of time in an industry that isn’t usually known for being licensed. 

“I think fear is what holds almost everyone back.” – Nik Krohn

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Who is Nik and what is Tolman Media?
  • What consists of a great photo for business?
  • How Nik grew their Youtube channel from scratch
  • Difference between renting and owning things for business
  • How to remove the fear of investment
  • How to know which image is most effective for your ads
  • How do you recharge your creativity?
  • Nik’s franchising business model for wedding photography

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