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Nathan had ran 3 businesses into the ground before he finally realized that he is knowledgeable enough about the roundabouts of marketing and people management. He has been accused of being a practitioner of the darker arts of manipulation. But rather than dis-spelling that label, he went with it and claimed the title of “high priest of propaganda”.

He is the founder of Copy and Funnels. His business is mainly focused on linking copywriting sales funnels, and marketing. He is the go-to guy for entrepreneurs when it comes to marketing and advertising their respective niches.

On today’s episode, Nathan will give us a real talk on marketing propaganda and manipulation. We go over the connection between the politics, the people, and the market.

“As marketers, we’re not trying to change people. We’re trying to work with the way people are. ” – Nathan Fraser

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How did he come up with the nickname “High Priest of Propaganda”
  • The Conspiracy Theory
  • Manipulation based on logic & emotions
  • The levels of knowledge
  • Misconceptions on people’s expectations from the market
  • The effectivity of short sentences to better comprehension
  • Tips on powerful copywriting
  • Nathan’s core values
  • His ways of getting more engagement
  • The process he used to reverse social engineer marketing
  • The challenge in holding back persuasion
  • Nathan’s take on choosing clients
  • Stories on misconceptions in political exploitation
  • Social Justice Marketing or White Guilt Marketing
  • Nathan’s 5 Book Recommendations

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