Nathalie helps small business owners, who are struggling with inconsistent income, overwhelm and exhaustion. She shows them how to make & keep more money, get better results and have MORE free time to their enjoy life.

She leads struggling entrepreneurs to the five- and six-figure practices they KNOW they can have, but are having a little trouble getting there.

On today’s episode, Nathalie will talk about how to go about upgrading your mindset, knowing who you are, and identifying the blocks that stops you creating the life and business you desire.

“Ask Universe for help. Start using your inner power because it is there.” – Nathalie Guerin

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Nathalie’s background – how she became a healer and how she earn money through it
  • The clarity that a lot of people are missing
  • Pain being the real motivator
  • Tear down the walls – When magic starts to happen
  • One of the hardest things she’s done in her life
  • “When you pray, move your feet
  • Getting a clear pattern to succeed
  • Tuning the energy to abundance
  • Toughest challenges she’s faced, dealing with other people
  • The imagery tactic she uses with her clients
  • The Clearing Effect
  • Accessing core beliefs to live more and be more
  • Her go-to way to get by a tough time
  • 3 pieces of advice for Entrepreneurs
  • How intuitions are smarter than us

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