Welcome back to Adil Amarsi Unplugged. In this episode, you’ll hear from certified yoga teacher and health enthusiast Molly Pearson. Today, she’ll bring us her heart pounding life journey and experiences that engulfed her life to her discovery of yoga and the transformation to be a certified yoga teacher.

Listen to the episode and uncover Molly’s suggestions on the physical and mental benefits of yoga and the things you can do to improve your life today – while seeing her routine, having a laugh, and giggling as we talk out life.



These are some of the topics we talked about in this episode of Adil Amarsi Unplugged:

  • Interesting and surprising things about Molly when she was growing up
  • Listening to her messages through her yoga practice
  • Float tank experiences and it’s health benefits
  • What led her to do things differently and overcome her fear
  • The eating disorder she went through and her recovery
  • Accepting responsibility and choosing to be awesome
  • We get the courage to do the things that scare us shitless after we do them, not before
  • And much more

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Talk to Molly: