Mikael launches and scales online businesses. His specialties include Sales Funnel Design, Conversion Optimization, Copywriting, & Customer Value Optimization.

Not only is Mikael an MBA graduate with an Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, and Engineering background, he is also the CEO of Funnelytics.io. This is a software that will help you map your funnels faster and easier.

On today’s episode, we will get to know more about Mikael’s software, Funnelytics. He will share his entrepreneurial journey from running an agency to focusing on his software, Besides that, he will give us tips on how to be fulfilled as an entrepreneur.

“If you can build a business that’s highly profitable, like creates a massive impact to your marketplace, provides massive freedom for you as an entrepreneur, and fulfils you every single day, you’re going to have an incredible life as an entrepreneur.” – Mikael Dia

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Why Mikael shifted from running an agency to building and running a software
  • The struggles he faced during the transition
  • How he came up with the Funnelytics.io
  • The objectives and services of Funnelytics software
  • The logic behind and connection of funnels and analytics
  • Mikael’s Book & Movie Recommendations
  • How he found his voice in the social scene
  • The importance of sharing relevant stories to your clients and tribes
  • Three pieces of advice he can give to entrepreneurs
  • The four pillars to note to be fulfilled as an entrepreneur
  • “What are your four things?”

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