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Mark Whitehand runs and is the founder of Storytelling Entrepreneurs and Producer Director at The Entrepreneurs Storyteller.

He is the Entrepreneurs Storyteller and he believes that to truly RESONATE and CONNECT with your tribe so that you have maximum IMPACT with them then you need to be able to share your stories with them…not only on paper but digitally on film too.

Storytelling Entrepreneurs is a free group on Facebook. They teach and show you how to suck out your stories and then shoot yourself in the face (with a camera).

Video Storytelling is HERE and it will be ‘THE’ method that connects with people more impact fully than anything else as the internet progresses.

Video, stories, getting yes on your videos is what they are all about.

On today’s episode, Mark will talk about how being authentic to ourselves can produce great story and not just by being interesting but by giving the meaning behind your story.

“The world is chaotic and storytelling provides order within the chaos” – Mark Whitehand

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Mark’s journey from Fitness Industry to being the Entrepreneurs Storyteller
  • One thing to remember… Storytelling is ORDER – “the world is chaotic and storytelling provides order within the chaos”
  • A realization some people miss in improving their skillset
  • 2 interesting things in their paid world
  • The permission to be free of it all
  • The Stents’ mantra and the needed pillars of what you do for content
  • Something to consider for Entrepreneurs when utilizing social media
  • Main reason why viral video companies ask for consultations with him
  • The big difference between you’re “doing business” NOT “in business”
  • One piece of puzzle they try to solve all the time
  • The reason why he chose to be Entrepreneurs Storyteller
  • The choice of working with personal brand clients
  • The problems you face when dealing with people and how to solve it
  • Starting to learn your own voice
  • 3 parts of the puzzle in creating an effective story
  • One thing to keep in mind to be consistent
  • Some advice to keep up your confidence when things are difficult
  • Simple way to look at authenticity
  • The craving that leads to bliss

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