Mark is just a small town boy who wanted to do something big in life not knowing what it would be. He never went to college. He had big dreams. As he grew, he discovered real estate investment. He has the spirit of an entrepreneur, as evidenced by his childhood from lemonade stands, selling his sister’s toys, selling bracelets, and even selling condoms in high school.

Besides being a world-traveling entrepreneur, he is also a 7-time best selling author. The 10-Minute Business Owner being his recently-published book that EVERY entrepreneur should pick up an read.

On today’s episode, Mark will tell us how he thrived in real estate investment. He will also give us tips on how to solidify your confidence as well as how to keep more of what you earn and make it grow.

“Save yourself before you save the world.” – Mark Evans

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Quick peek on Mark’s entrepreneurial journey
  • Real Estate investment in US
  • What investment do you need to get started
  • Active Investing vs Passive Investing
  • The definition of wholesaling, lease option/financing, and Buy & Hold
  • The trends of entrepreneurs that sabotage their success
  • Mark’s hobbies & passions outside the business
  • His drive and methods in writing his books
  • Curiosity vs Procrastination
  • Adil’s quick story about his cats
  • The secrets that Mark believes are universally true for starting business-owners
  • Mark’s interesting travel stories with his wife
  • The Platinum Rule
  • The ways to solidify your confidence
  • How books transformed Mark’s life
  • The key in keeping the money you make
  • Mark’s Top Book Recommendations
  • His pieces of advice on how to redeem yourself after failures in sales
  • How to get in touch with Mark

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