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6 years ago Lisa started as a wedding planner. Acquiring clients was something that came naturally to her. Her talent in client acquisition was soon recognized by other businesses, some of which were outside the wedding industry. She went on to help these businesses with their marketing and visibility, helping them grow and scale. 

She started business coaching about 2 years and 5 months ago with a keen eye for breaking down Jargon in the marketing industry into step by step this is “all you need” to know guides.

Lisa is a badass who went from the first 6 months of business in coaching to making 6 figures as a coach, further managing to make her business run passively which led to an explosion of income almost tripling her income whilst the business is 90 percent passive.

Today, you’ll discover Lisa go-to tactics for making your business passive or semi-passive to work with or without you. 

“Passive income is no longer trading your time for money” – Lisa Johnson

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • What is passive income
  • What is semi-passive income
  • Difference between passive and semi-passive income
  • How she makes semi-passive apply to her business
  • Different semi-passive tactics
  • Continuity business model
  • Reason people buy a course
  • Social media traffic and how to start 
  • The CASH system
  • Launching properly
  • Challenges as a business owner
  • Why you shouldn’t use the word “LEARN
  • Nurturing your audience
  • Picking yourself back up

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