Do you remember the American Football athlete who hung up his cleats to be an entrepreneur and not only nailed the transition, but also made it seem effortless? Yup, That dude is back

2019 has been another effortless journey so far for Kyree from all of the efforts he did last year – building authority and relationships, running a brilliant digital marketing & consulting company, posting relevant content on social media, and more to boot.

Giving himself permission to be himself online and stopping to try to posture, Kyree is known for not overly caring about people’s perception, but providing context along with who he is.

That amongst other things is what we will be delving into today.

On today’s episode, Kyree Oliver jumps right in the art of branding and breaking down people quickly. Sports will always be in his blood, and so he reveals the hack to having high aggression and competitive spirit in life and business.


“You can approach everyday life like there’s high risk even if there’s none.” – Kyree Oliver

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Kyree’s secret sauce to branding
  • Why polarization is not a genuine intention
  • Misconceptions about the link between age, maturity, and wisdom
  • How to get feelings about people and how to break people down quickly
  • What to look out for when connecting to other people
  • The sad reality that when you do something good, you just become an exception
  • How Kyree structures business deals and his pricing
  • Why copywriters shouldn’t overcharge until you cracked a million-dollar deal
  • Drawing the line between aggression and violence
  • How to start high aggression and competitive spirit in business
  • Kyree’s top defining sports events
  • His piece of advice to people who lacks self-belief

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