One of the funniest and genuinely awesome women I follow online. Owner of Freedom Hackers, Kimra Luna loves teaching business and helping people make money. A personal branding and online business strategist, she helps freedom-seeking entrepreneurs to stand out, captivate their audience’s’ attention and monetize their authentic brands online.

On today’s episode, Kimra will be sharing her passions with us, and talking through why she is starting a couple of Podcasts, Streaming games AND writing a book. She will also talk about how to build resiliency, and some of the hacks she used to achieve success in both business and life.


“Moving past things very quickly is a trait of success.” – Kimra Luna

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • What Kimra is most looking forward to in 2019
  • Which instruments she plays and why she plays music
  • The two podcasts she’s cooking on punk rock and mental health
  • How choosing the right therapy can work wonders for your mental health
  • What she understood from the failures she went through in business
  • Where she gets her resiliency and why you can’t learn to be resilient
  • The keys to having success in life
  • Kimra’s avenue for gaming
  • How Days Gone Has Six Hours of Cutscenes can help you tell a story in writing copies
  • How to build tribes on Facebook
  • Kimra’s reading and movie list
  • How PTSD has affected Kimra’s memory

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