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Podcast: Kim Barrett Inspires Us With His Story Of Success And How He Got There

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In this episode of Adil Amarsi Unplugged, I speak to Kim Barrett. Kim is a world renown Social Media Marketer, who focuses on Facebook. He Is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker and Trainer, having taught marketing around the world and helping businesses grow to 6 and 7 figures.



Here are some of the topics Kim and I discussed:

  • Ritual success tip that every Entrepreneur should practice
  • What causes Ads spent to go up significantly higher for Marketers and it’s impact to the business
  • How he jumped into a 6 figure Lead Generation business in less than a year
  • The kind of context that works to get traction on social medias
  • Biggest influences that inspired him to reach his success
  • Actvities that put you in a state of meditation and helps you to focus and be aware
  • Kim’s unique advice that helps you actively build your business
  • And much more

Resources mentioned in the podcast:


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