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With full dedication and passion, Kenrick Cleveland has perfected the techniques, skills, and art of influence and persuasion. He started learning when he was 18 years old as he got trained in the basics of hypnosis. Doing sales for a living, he held some group hypnosis sessions on the side.

His breakthrough occurred when he started his training on Neuro Linguistic Programming. This opportunity gave him the drive to master the skill of persuasion aiming to affect lives in a positive way and help people make a change.

Kenrick has created a model of persuasion that is so effective that it remains the benchmark of excellence in this field.

On today’s episode, Kenrick reveals the fundamentals in the art of PERSUASION. He tells us how deeper values and emotions are the key factors to master this art and change our lives. Lastly, he shares the basics of hearing the frame and setting frame when it comes to propaganda.

“Persuasion is really all about STRATEGY. It’s all about being able to reach into someone’s heart and touch their emotions.” – Kenrick Cleveland

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How did Kenrick get into Persuasion
  • How people persuade themselves
  • How could one model the change that others have gone through for themselves
  • The key thing to understand about the inner science of PERSUASION
  • Ways to be better and master the art of persuasion
  • Persuasion is about reaching down to your EMOTIONS and VALUES
  • The basics of hearing the FRAME and setting the frame
  • Kenrick’s two book recommendations on persuasion
  • Why books are not good referendum to learn about persuasion
  • Positive persuasion VS Negative Persuasion
  • The course Kenrick recommends you start with his group

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