When she started her first real-life business years ago, she had zero idea how to skyrocket her business until she dived into the 4 Key Steps to Launching an Ideal High-Profit business. Eventually, she tweaked her approach across 3 successful Real-Life Businesses and over 7 figures in revenue.

The creator of SAHM Entrepreneur, Kat McLead created the proven system for pinpointing your perfect business niche, standing out in a crowded market place, and landing paying clients while working 2 hours a day. How can that even be real?

Up to this day, she continues to dedicate her time as a business coach by helping and showing people how to find the RIGHT type of business to build and love, how to nail that business idea, and land good-paying clients.

On today’s episode, Kat shares her journey and struggles from starting her real-life business to now being the business coach every aspiring entrepreneur needs. As she uncovers the four key elements to start off that high-profit business as a stay at home mom, discover how to find the right mentor for you, how to craft your business idea and more.


“No matter what your circumstances were, whatever your choices were in the past, whoever you were in the past, you can truly decide right now to create your life.” – Kat McLead

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • What dominatrix is and how Kat became one
  • The niche Kat chose that skyrocketed her business
  • Kat’s journey from being in a fetish industry to a successful STAY AT HOME MOM entrepreneur
  • What led her to become a business coach
  • Why being TOO nice to people can be a disadvantage in life and business
  • The FOUR key elements to starting your IDEAL, high-profit business as a Stay at Home Mom
  • If you don’t have an idea what you’re doing, what should you do?
  • How to know who the right mentor for you is
  • Kat’s ideal client as a business coach
  • Why being COMMITTED to being SUCCESSFUL is all you need
  • How Hyper Focus model works and what the very FIRST thing to do
  • How can someone with LOW energy up their energy
  • Do you really need to know your UNIQUE SELLING POSITION for you to succeed?
  • Kat’s hack to market yourself as a coach and bring in the IDEAL client
  • Her reading list and movie recommendations
  • How to jumpstart as a STAY AT HOME MOM or DAD
  • The secret to crafting your business IDEA

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