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Justin Devonshire has been a coach for years. He taught martial arts… mindset / self-help… fitness and now he helps business owners turn their expertise into a real income stream and beyond that, build a business that supports the lifestyle they want to live, rather than having their lifestyle supporting their business. After struggling to make a reliable monthly income working 15 hour-days for years, and FINALLY finding some success, he knew he wanted to start helping others like himself.

These days, he run retreats, workshops and events around the world helping coaches & consultants grow their business. He also helps experts through online courses, and his team offer done-for-you services. He flew in to help big names in the coaching / speaking industry, and many 7- and 8-figure earners.

Justin wants to help coaches, consultants, authors and speakers to multiply their message, and create a ripple effect of change throughout the world.

On today’s episode, Justin will discuss the solutions if you’re feeling burnt-out and stuck in the “Time for money trap” even though you ENJOY helping clients. He will share some of his  brilliant idea to scale up to high-6 or even 7-figures your business by escaping the “Time for Money” trap.

‘Everyone knows what to do, there’s no such thing as mindset block; the mindset block is the unwillingness to do what’s actually there.” Justin Devonshire

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Justin’s journey – from Fitness Industry to Marketing/Sales Industry
  • The 6-figure job that caused no social life and no intimacy in relationship
  • Shifting the mindset from being self-employed to being a business owner
  • How to manage your mindset during rough times
  • When stress and self-pity turns to anger
  • Why ANGER could be the GREATEST motivator of all
  • The 80/20 rule is the best guide to life and business
  • An hour of learning a day – his way of mastering the industry
  • The BIG role of understanding basic communication and persuasion
  • Learn MORE through practicing instead of reading
  • Strategies on how to create engaging posts on social media
  • Connection before education – How to get your customers to TRUST you
  • The 2 things to keep in mind to serve people and get income without time cost increase
  • What’s the best and easy platform to stay engaged with customers
  • The ‘worst case scenario’ survival method to stay competitive
  • Switching the focus – this is how to get 6 or 7-figure in your business

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