If you’re in marketing, it’s either you hate or love your job. There’s no grey area in that one. British entrepreneur, piano player, international racing driver and business coach Jonny Cooper grew his own business to 8-figures, then exited and founded JonnyHatesMarketing.com, helping coaches, trainers and therapists find more of their ideal clients, more easily.

The voice behind the legendary Jonny Hates Marketing Facebook Group, Jonny is changing the face of the coaching industry; one coach at a time.

On today’s episode, Jonny uncovers the trick in managing and styling a marketing business and helping people find their symphony. As he drops knowledge bombs on spotting the right clients, discover what hinders your business growth. And lastly, find out why it’s okay to not catch the 99% but leave yourself 1% of the market, and more.


“When we’re growing our businesses, we all tell ourselves this crazy story that only I can do that. Only I can do that. And at its worst, it completely stultifies you and stops you growing at all.” – Jonny Cooper

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • Why jonnyhatesmarketing.com
  • How he wins in styling a marketing business
  • What a Vagueness Virus is
  • The art of helping people find their symphony
  • How to spot on the right clients
  • The 3 pillars for getting someone to work with you
  • What stultifies the growth of your business
  • The power of having a voice of authority
  • Adil and Jonny’s passion for music and sports
  • How someone that has so many multifaceted areas find what they can actually identify as helping people and do it without actually letting go of all the other skills they have
  • “If you are going to eliminate 99% of the world, you better leave yourself with 1% who can afford to pay you.”
  • The reason why copywriters don’t make enough money
  • How to redeem yourself from failures and to make sure you don’t fall into that trap of being temporarily defeated

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