The world is currently experiencing a massive recession because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Business owners and professionals have all, in one way or another, been negatively affected by this.

Jonathan was somewhat of a fortune teller when he told himself a few years ago that businesses need to always prepare themselves in the event that a recession happens. He too has experienced his own hardships during the Great Recession and this was a huge eye-opener for him.

Together with his business partner Paul Blair, he has successfully helped corporations of all sizes find their way not just to avoid huge losses during a recession, but ultimately rock the recession to come out stronger.

In today’s episode, Jonathan digs deep into how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected and will affect the economy. He also talks about how both businesses and individuals should find the right skills and assets to prepare themselves for a recession or when the economy takes a turn for the worst. 

“As a business owner, the quicker you get to accept and start to plan for the new world, I think that gives you a distinct competitive advantage.” — Jonathan Slain

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Securing the domain name
  • Coronavirus effects on the economy
  • The difference between a depression and recession
  • The boom of digitalization
  • Acceptance in the time of the pandemic
  • How businesses can prepare for a recession
  • The importance of in a recession
  • Predictions for the US 2020 elections
  • Finding the skills you need to rock the recession
  • How to create the mental fortitude to withstand adversity
  • Jonathan’s movie and book recommendations
  • Jonathan’s greatest defeat and turning point in life

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