Conversion rate optimisation is important because it allows you to reduce the cost of obtaining customers by increasing the value of visitors and users that you already have. There are two people who are absolutely awesome at this and are top of my list when it comes to cRO.

One of those 2 people is Jon MacDonald. John and his company aim to remove bad digital customer experiences until only the good remains, and help e-commerce companies realise their full potential. Their conversion rate optimization services, will help business owners understand why more visitors are not buying from their website and then help them fix it.

On a side note. Jon also speaks and writes regularly in publications, podcast, books, and events.

On today’s episode, Jon drops his knowledge bombs on conversion and website optimization. As he reveals the TOP CONVERSION KILLERS, how to approach big corporations, boost your conversion rates, and so much more.


“If eCommerce websites or websites in general were coming from a sales angle originally instead of a marketing angle, the internet would be a completely different place today.” – Jon MacDonald

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • How Jon got to work with Adobe, Nike, Xerox, The Economist, and other big corporations
  • Why Adil prefers working with long-term clients than anyone else
  • How Jon uses 100% recurring revenue model and doctor-patient model
  • The two steps to having that conversation with BIG clients and get that contract
  • The things you can use a CONVERSION BOOST in your website
  • The BIGGEST conversion killers in the internet
  • What the mission of The Good is
  • What you should AVOID doing in your websites to attract clients
  • The ONE word in The Good’s website that drove Adil nuts
  • Why we should put all our energy and effort to what we’re good at vs we’re not good at
  • The ONE thing you can do to skyrocket your conversion rates
  • How to niche down and figure out what your central focus point is when starting a business
  • Adil & Jon’s same passion for JiuJitsu and NBA
  • Jon’s tip on building confidence back up after hitting the plateau
  • His reading list and movie recommendations
  • Why you need a coach that will tell you NO

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