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Podcast: John Jonas

By Oct 30, 2020 December 4th, 2020 No Comments

John is a proud father of 5, owns an online business, and does internet marketing works. But guess what? He’s been working only 14 hours a week since 2008.

How was John able to make this possible? Well, he discovered the magic of outsourcing. John is able to get most of his work done by hiring Virtual Assistants (VA) from the Philippines. This has allowed him to have more time for himself and his family, and given him the freedom to do the things he loves.

John started the job platform Onlinejobs.ph to help link businesses with VA’s from the Philippines in order to save time, cost, and effort. He has changed the lives of many people through this endeavour.

In today’s episode, John gives us valuable tips on how to grow your businesses without having to work extra hours through outsourcing. He talks about what sets Filipino VA’s apart from other VA’s from around the world and how you can manage and train them to help foster a great and profitable working relationship.

“You hired a person to help you and they’re gonna make mistakes. It’s not gonna be all roses, and you got to work. It’s not a magic bullet. But if you figure it out and you do it really well, it’ll change your life.” — John Jonas

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • Why hire VA’s from the Philippines?
  • Which skills or parts of your business should you outsource?
  • The number one skill you should learn as an internet entrepreneur
  • Gaining the trust of your VA
  • Training your VA’s
  • How much should you invest for a VA?
  • Adapting to new challenges to get back on your feet
  • The importance of creating content in an internet business
  • John’s top book recommendations

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