Truth is, change is inevitable especially in the workplace and John Hopper is the expert when it comes to analyzing what your company may be missing. The Employee Whisperer, he aims to get the best out of every employee and was a very effective one after setting out the 6 things that would make employees irreplaceable.

Putting a lot of emphasis on his career, he built a professional management development program, called The Greatest on the Planet, to train your employees with the skills they need to increase their sales, their productivity, and their level of responsibility.

On today’s episode, John Hopper breaks down the SIX important things that would make your employees irreplaceable. Known as the Employee Whisperer, discover from John how to change the working environment to increase efficiency and result within your company, work relationships, and customer service.


“In business, the most important thing is the people who work there.” – John Hopper

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The Career span of millennials and building loyalty in the workplace
  • The six important things to having irreplaceable employees
  • Why employees are the hub of an entire company
  • How to become unfireable
  • The three types of employees
  • Why customer service is the major thing that doesn’t fall on the list of six things
  • The gaps in implementing the six steps
  • What comprises the Greatest Planet On Earth
  • How John’s experience helped him to build an effective working system – Amazon
  • John’s reading list
  • The fundamental fact of sales that people overlook
  • His biggest takeaway

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