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Words alone can not portray JUST how legendary John Cottrell is. He has a knack for helping businesses reach high 6 or even 7 figures in a very cost-effective way without affecting profitability and scalability. As one of the professional business coaches in Action Coach, he is partly responsible in the success stories of ATKearney at General Motors turning ACG into Delphi, for BG Group as the consultant lead on the Supply Chain project, facilitating live 250 person forums, which saved them £1 billion and the list won’t stop there.

On today’s episode, John explains the concept of MICROEXPRESSION and some distinct business models he recommends. He also shares his logic behind the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make leading to loss of profits. And lastly, he shares his tips on how to stay motivated in achieving your end goals.

“If you can set a goal, no matter how big it is, and talk about it in the present tense and you have no negatives in your head at all, chances are you will manifest that goal.” – John Cottrell

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • The Genius Model and why it is effective
  • What MICROEXPRESSION is and how it works
  • How John assess if a business is losing money logically and emotionally
  • The concept of emotional self-awareness
  • Is there a way to shift from being driven by fear to love and inspiration?
  • Two contradicting ideas of using product and service to satisfy customers
  • The two biggest mistakes struggling businesses make
  • What to do if you’re an expert but broke and how to figure the way out
  • The concept of the Stockdale Paradox
  • How to stay motivated in achieving your end goals
  • John’s preference in writing a book
  • His 3 book recommendations
  • John’s pieces of advice to entrepreneurs hitting the plateau, the broke expert, and the inbetweeners

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