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This is another episode for the books, with a bachelor’s degree major in Mass Communication, today’s guest has worked for a sports retailer which was not part of his grand plans so a career shift happened, he applied for three jobs and only one gave him an offer: Agora Financial.

Joe works for Agora Financial and is more than willing to share his tips on how to be successful as a copywriter and entrepreneur aspiring to be and stay ahead of the game. At first, he did not want to work in this company but it got him at no work on weekends. In his 6th month anniversary, that’s when he got hooked on his job and fully understood the amazing things they do. Today, Joe is still winning as the publisher behind several of Agora’s top research advisories.

On today’s episode, Joe shares the market research method Agora Financial uses to write brilliant sales copy. Also, he reveals the company’s core belief that makes them distinct and lucrative. And lastly, he gives tips on how to set prices if you’re a freelance copywriter.

“Unless you do the deep dive research, unless you go to the places exactly where your avatar hangs out, you experience the things they’re experiencing, that’s the only thing that’s gonna sharpen the ax, the only thing that’s gonna make your idea work.” – Joe Schriefer

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Joe got started with Agora Financial
  • What is Copyboarding and how does it works
  • Why LONG copy is better than short copy
  • How long it takes for Agora to write a 30-page promotion
  • The best feedback you need to know you wrote a great copy
  • The method and market research Agora utilize for sales copy
  • Adil’s distinctive research process
  • Why deep research is vital to making ideas work
  • How to make a deal if you’re a freelancer based on your abilities
  • The financial structure of Agora Financial
  • Why people should never not pay a copywriter
  • The most successful acquisition piece of sales copy in the financial business
  • Joe’s 2 book recommendations and a movie recommendation
  • The core belief instilled in Agora Financial with regard to failure and success
  • His 3 pieces of advice to copywriters hitting the plateau

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