Podcast: Jeff Moore Shares His Secrets To Success In Copy Writing

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In this episode of Adil Amrsi Unplugged, I speak with Jeff Moore. A copywriter whose focus is in the food business. He is the owner and president of international pacific seafoods – importer and processor of premium chef-ready seafood – and wild things seafood and steaks. He has dealt to large companies like Cheesecake Factory, EJ’s restaurants, etc. He also works with large distributors like Cisco, US Foods, Walmart food group. He is also in partnership with west coast prime meats.


Here are some of the topics we’ve dived into:

  • How collaboration trumps competition every time
  • How Mode, Message, and Mood can change a person from being an irate customer to a raving fan in one call
  • Some magic questions that greatly boosts your business
  • Tips on making the customer open up to you on the first conversation
  • One big piece of advice in making a life long business relationship
  • Three pieces of advice to get from where you are to where you want to be
  • And so much more


Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Get Your Free Money Making Website Here

Learn More About Jeff And His Accomplishments In His Website

See What Jeff Is All About As The Founder And President Of One Of His Own Companies


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