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James is based in Sydney, Australia and he has started, developed and sold multiple successful businesses.

A passionate father, investor, surfer, husband, coach, mentor and lover of freedom, James excels in making the complex world of business simple so that your quality of life can improve.

When James started online he was a General Manager working with Mercedes-Benz commanding a large team of employees in a multi-million dollar business by day and an online marketer by night.

On today’s episode, we will have a better understanding of James’ philoshpy of “Work Less, Make More” and how to grow your business without giving up your life.

“Think of the next move and start it before you need it, the same way you should hire people before you need them.” – James Schramko

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • James’ inspiration for writing his book ‘Work Less Make More
  • The core concept of ‘Work Less Make More’
  • The most interesting chapter in the book
  • How James manages a Team and the methods he uses to ensure effectiveness
  • What is the most difficult part of the business
  • How do you protect yourself mentally to bounce back from the mistakes
  • Learning fantastic ideas from the Legendaries
  • Business is like going in to unfamiliar kitchen
  • One common fact we have to avoid in life and business
  • James’ favorite book recommendations
  • The trick in learning based on James’ experience
  • His story about his greatest motivators in the industry – “They pushed me at an early age into environment where I need to complete that heroes journey”
  • 3 Key points to build a solid foundation in business
  • The importance of a contingency plan
  • “Sometimes too much can scare people off”
  • How Jame builds his mailing list
  • The absolute number 1 traffic and conversion method he uses
  • It’s not about the biggest list you can get, but the relationship you build
  • His book will be a big help specially when working on different a lot of projects

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