It all started when Itay left Simple Trading a company based in Austin, Texas. He started to get a bunch of offers but declined to be an employee. He aimed to create his own product by becoming a freelance copywriter and had aspirations of growing his business by building up an agency of skilled copywriters.

New in the field, Financial Copy Shop’s main weapon is providing the best quality copy possible for businesses looking for CONSISTENT and reliable copywriters. They utilize a combination of standardization and project management tools to oversee a talented collective of writers all working as a team to produce high converting, engaging copy based on your business’s specific requirements.

On today’s episode, Itay tells us about The Financial Copy Shop, an unlimited & A-List Copywriting resource or agency. He shares the problems and challenges that copywriters face nowadays and what businesses should look for in a copywriter.

“There is nothing so important that is worth just leaving angry about.” – Itay Bengal

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Itay came up with Financial Copy Shop
  • The problems copywriters are facing ad hoc
  • How you can level up your Call To Action
  • His piece of advice to businesses hiring copywriters
  • What to look for in a copywriter
  • How Itay does people management in his agency
  • How does he ensure the work quality of his employees
  • The biggest lessons he learned from his sabbatical phase
  • How does he structure his day to avoid BURNOUT
  • The TWO types of people: Obsessives & Addictives
  • His book recommendations
  • What made him redeem himself when he failed and lost hope

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