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Podcast: Infomercial Industry and Direct Response Marketing Legend Steve Dworman

By Sep 20, 2016 No Comments

The one and only, legendary TV marketing expert and infomercial “king” Steven Dworman joins us on the podcast this week to discuss everything about direct response marketing.

Having an extensive background, produced and run his own direct response television campaigns, Steve learned all aspects of both direct response marketing and the entertainment industry.

Steven is former editor/publisher for 12 years of Adweek’s, “Marketing with Direct Response Television”,  interviewed by Wall Street Journal, NY Times, ABC, Today Show, Howard Stern, CNN and 200 other news sources., and author of “$2 Billion of Inside Marketing Secrets Discovered Through DRTV.”



In this episode of Adil Amarsi Unplugged, Steven and I discuss:

  • His biggest take aways that he picked up from working with the major players in the industry producing successful ad campaigns and infomercials
  • Lessons he learned from creating his own product, his own infomercial and back-end marketing programs which became one of the most successful fragrances ever sold on television
  • The vital factors that you need to consider in reviewing an infomercial
  • Marketing benefits you’ll receive from direct response infomercial with the internet as your medium
  • Steve’s personal successes and failures while passing along tips and tricks of the trade
  • Some of the biggest misperceptions Steven thinks exist about the DRTV industry
  • And so much more

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