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Podcast: The Teachings Of Harneet Bhalla – A Well Renown Marketing Strategist

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In this episode of Adil Amarsi Unplugged, I speak with Harneet Bhalla. Harneet is a marketing strategic consultant, coach and speaker who helped in establishing numbers of online businesses and scaled them to a different level. He worked with scaled up Fortune 500 and several 6 and 8 Figure Corporate Companies like Dunkin’ Donuts, Dominos Pizza, WordPress, BubbleBees, Aakash Insititute and MahaVastu.


Here are some of the topics Harneet and I dived into:

– How he managed to get in contact with huge Companies like Dunkin Donuts and the attributes to acquire to earn their trust

What urged him to start his marketing consultant career

– The Significance of Enhanced Advertising Targeting and why would you apply that to your lead gen strategy

– His powerful habits that led him to achieve his goals

– And much more


Resources mentioned:

My Guide To Copy Writing

Get Your Free Money Making Website Now

Learn More From And About Harneet In His Website


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Adil Amarsi is a world-class copywriter, marketing consultant, and conversion genius. Having spent the majority of his life in direct response advertising, Adil brings a unique look at business by using his blog as an extension to who he is in real life. Oh and he loves pizza :).

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