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There are many mysteries yet to be solved in the world, How were the pyramids built, is Area 51 real & can you rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time a few that I have spent time googling when my mind wonders…

Today’s guests believe that awareness of how the brain functions is the key to understanding why life is not working out the way you imagined. Gregory Baker and Stephen Jakes of Reboot have developed a Unique Human Transformation Technology which has helped change the lives of people and free them from the emotional trauma of the past.

In this digital age, where technology keeps on feeding our brain with too much information, we tend to get totally distracted and disconnected from our inner self, and Stephen and Greg are aiming to help people help themselves, these guys have a technique that helps you drill into the core of who you are and helps you realise your authentic self. So if you find yourself wondering why your life is not working even if you keep on learning new stuff?

Might be time for a Reboot.

On today’s episode, Gregory and Stephen dives into their Reboot program or workshop that helps people to help themselves – how the brain works, how thoughts coexist with emotions, and how to bring out your why. As they walk through their sessions, learn how their program can put all the pieces together, be it about relationships or personal development. And lastly, find out what “emotional cancer” is and why adversities shouldn’t limit you from reaching full potential.


“You can’t be yourself when you’ve learned to be somebody else.” – Stephen Jakes

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • “Knowing it” versus “Being It”
  • Who Reboot is
  • The frustrations of seminar junkies
  • How Reboot has reformed Gregory’s life
  • The four stages of getting your brain to reboot
  • The two functions of the brain: the thinking and the feeling
  • What happens in the sessions in Reboot
  • The distinction between “you matter on things that don’t matter and you matter on things that truly matter
  • The struggle of being an “adult
  • Why “reframing” doesn’t work sustainably
  • How they both overcame immense challenges and give back
  • The value of integrity and reconnecting with yourself
  • How Reboot creates a client-specific manual for their clients
  • What happens after joining Reboot
  • The importance of knowing who you truly are when building your identity
  • The concept of emotional cancer and uncovering it
  • How to unleash your inner calling or talents
  • What really happens during a Reboot’s workshop
  • What motivates Gregory and Steve in helping people
  • Why adversities is not a ground for making excuses and setting limitations
  • Feedback Loop from Hell Mark Manson
  • Why you should complete the reboot program

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